Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nike+ British 10K London

1st apologies that the pics over run, if I don't make them big you won't be able to see them?!?!?!

OK, so Sunday 8th July saw me head up to London by myself to go run the Nike+ British 10k London.  Aaaahhhh no supporters you say, well it was piddling down with rain and due to do so for a LARGE portion of the race so I gave the boys a pink ticket and said they could all stay home ... I was running I didn't care about getting wet :-)

Some of the BEST of the official race pics ... I even look like I'm moving it in a few YEEHAA :-)

Day started where I bought the wrong train ticket!!!  I got to london fine and my ticket was sorted in the end.  Baggage drop was a nightmare - SOOOOOO many people!!  Then I nearly lost my phone (i just left it lying on a wall!!!!) got it back though as was still there.  LOOONG time to get over start line in fact the race had been won a good 10 minutes before I even made it over the start line - I did have to giggle at that though it WAS funny when they announced that race had been won!!!!

I made it over the finish line in 01:14:09.  NOT what I was hoping for as I seem to remember doing the Bluewater 10k in under 01:08:00.  Sadly there is a dawning that age must be taking its toll and the waist line needs a reduction too.  But I went, I did and I saw, this is not to say there was no temptation to stay in bed with rain predicted .... temptation was HUGE!!
My plan of action was to walk the water stations, this I did and added in a few "tea breaks" as well.  Left calf made itself know at 1km but never got worse; the rain pelted it down from about 3km through to about 6 or 7km which was fine because it was hot and welcome but at 9km my shoes felt heavy - who'da thunk it ;-)

The finish was a nightmare, you hit a wall of *family & friends* as soon as you crossed the finish line WTF!!!!!, we had to get our own water, couldn't find medals (they had run out!!), everyone I asked pointed me in a different direction to collect a medal and the T-shirt so I eventually got my bag and swam home.  Nike have been great though and will be posting me my medal and my commemorative T-shirt - can't wait to hang it up with my Brighton half medal.

Some of the "not so good" race pics ... see me "having a cuppa tea" with some fellow runners!!!

Despite the organisation struggles I really enjoyed the race.  I have a few personal running things to work on but running 11:29 minute miles average totally ROCKS right now.