Monday, 18 February 2013

Brighton Half Mary

17th February 2013 and it was THE most beautiful day for the Brighton Half Marathon.  I've been weather watching for the last week and I was not disappointed.  I mean - when last do Britain have such beautiful clear blue skies??? uuuummmm with MINIMAL wind coming off the sea (more on that later)
... just LOOK at that sky!

Temps were around 3ºC at the start but cranked up to about 8 or 9ºC for the duration (it felt like more!) and in the car on the way home 12ºC
I met Maria from Running Cupcake at the start ... by *met* I mean she spotted me in my bright pink top and came over for a quick chat before the start.  It was lovely to finally meet her (yes, she is just as lovely and bubbly in person) and being the dodgy bloggers that we are we didn't get a pic together so here is one of me as we were walking towards the start line.

me and confused lady over my shoulder ;-)

Race Breakdown:
Miles 1 to 3 - These were nice and comfortable, it was difficult to find my pace as it REALLY is so tempting to go with the wave.  I resisted and kept it moderate and boy am I pleased I did!
Water stop was just past mile 3 and I stopped to tuck in my gloves and took the opportunity and popped a few ShotBloks (early but I was hungry!!!)
Mile 2 to 4.5 - this is where you head on out and UP.  Slow and steady I kept my pace, some of those that hurtled out the gate were slowing now and I kept it going repeating to myself "don't stop on the hill, DON'T stop on the hill!!!".
Miles 4.5 to 6 - these were the "give-em-back-free-downhill-miles" There was a Lucozade station at 5 miles with no water, I mean REALLY no water!
Miles 6 to 9 - this is where the course flattens out (it stays flat from here) but you can get a groove and stick with it.  The hubster and the boys were waiting here and I got waves and screams of "MOMMY I LOST MY TOOTH, LOOK" :-) mini-me-jnr has had a very wobbly front tooth that finally decided it was time to come out.
Miles 9 to 11 - At mile 9 another Lucozade only stop and 3 more ShotBloks; but this is where things got tough for me, mentally and physically.  It was so SO hard not to stop and walk but I knew that if I did that I wouldn't get started again. You see my knee had given out in my mind at about mile 5 but now it was physically starting to niggle.
Miles 11 and 12 - Mile 11 saw the second table of water and I quaffed it like it was Moët, I even washed the sticky Lucozade off my hands with it! The gentle breeze floating off the ocean might as well have been a blustering gale force wind ... I was tired and struggling; My tummy was not happy with me, I needed to pee and I felt like vomit wasn't too far behind to be honest. SO, I started to spot people I thought were struggling more than I was and like a self-centred masochist I picked them off .... it's what kept me going, that and the nah-ner in the red windbreaker who would walk and start running each time I caught up with him gggrrrrrrrrrrr
Miles 13.1 - When I saw the 12 mile sign ahead I had a good talk to myself, checked my watch and it said 02:14:something and as I past it I started to urge myself to pick up the pace all be it only but slightly, then I saw the 800meters to go sign and tried to get more gas, again at 700meters to go ..... by the time I hit 300 meters to go I thought I was flying my lungs were going to explode and my legs were going to fall off! Didn't even notice hubby & the kids screaming as I passed them, I was like a horse that smelt home and nothing was going to stop me.
Ignore split 1 ... that was me missing the start line!!

The end - I was gasping for air, slightly disorientated and on the hunt for WATER!!!! I got my medal, bag and water and went to the nearest loo.  I did NOT pass GO; I did NOT collect $200, the loo was ALL I wanted!!!  Needless to say hubby called while I was in the pota-potty but who cares I was seated and happy.  Once I'd eeerrrrmmmm gotten my breath back I went to find them.

Post race pic and me a happy puppy

SO good to have this in my hand :-)

My goals pre race:
A goal: Pops-in-law goal for me of 02:25:00
B goal: As close to 02:30:00 as possible - 02:29:59 would have been amazing
C goal: Beat last years time of 02:45:and some change
Official time:
.... bowl me over I am ECSTATIC, it almost makes the sore knee worth it now :-)


PS Once I see the official pics I may decide to post a few of those ... I can't remember seeing any cameramen though?!?!?!!!!